Creative Simplicity has worked with clients to:

  • Set up and re-work home offices.
  • De-clutter and re-organize closets.
  • Create storage zones in basements & attics.
  • Simplify laundry processes.
  • Organize retail inventories & office supply storage.
  • Design simple, yet effective filing systems.
  • In house staging & de cluttering, readying homes for sale.
  • Streamline keepsakes, memorabilia, photographs & collections.
  • Organize mudroom & pantry areas for maximum efficiency.
  • Reconfigure shared office spaces.
  • Set up filing systems for aging parents health care.
  • Create one centralized space to manage the household.
  • Simplify entryways & laundry rooms.
  • De-clutter and organize kitchen cabinets.
  • Downsize & pack for lifestyle changes.
  • Define space use & unpack after a move & home renovation.
  • Create a home for children’s artwork and incoming paperwork.
  • Identify mail drop and sort locations.
  • Better utilize bedroom storage spaces.
  • Containerize toys in playroom and family room spaces & closets.

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