Clothing Consignment

Most of my clients have a love/hate relationship with clothing consignment. They love it when it goes as planned, their items are accepted and sold, even if they are sold at a discount.  They appreciate that the items are donated if they aren’t sold.  It is a big...

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31 Days of Decluttering

January represents cold, but it also represents renewal. At this time of resolutions, some of you requested a challenge. What better way to declutter than a little bit each day. It's your 31 Day Challenge! Each day of the month you will need to part with the number of...

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Embrace the season

Family, food, gifts, pets, treats, parties, decorations, guests, wrapping, racing around....tis the season. Embrace every minute and remember that January is Get Organized month - an opportunity to declutter and refresh. Ah, we can't...

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Holiday Scramble

The Halloween candy barely got eaten and the stores started their Black Friday ads. Amazon vans are racing thru our streets and yes, holiday music is in the air. The holiday scramble has indeed begun and everyone is wound a little more tightly than usual as this part...

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