Learning from Home Tips

As summer comes to a close, make sure you have decluttered school paperwork and art work from last year and past years.  This can be a family project or an individual one, but be sure to save only the best original work and anything that your children need for future...

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8 Items Not To Store in Your Attic

A designated home for all of your belongings leads to an organized space, but it is important to consider where you are storing your things. If you have an attic, you know that it is subject to temperature fluctuations, in addition to the appearance of creatures like...

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Beyond the Stuff…Letting Go

When we declutter, we often think of our stuff - the possessions surrounding us in our homes and offices. But it is important to remember that there are other types of clutter that we need to consider letting go of - this type of clutter does not add anything to our...

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Lose the Paper Weight

With all the time we are spending at home working and finishing the school year, there is an accumulation of paper weighing us down. And, because our summer plans may be altered this year, we are surrounded by that paper every day, in some cases on multiple surfaces...

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