When is the Right Time to Declutter & Get Organized?

It is not always the right time to take on decluttering and organizing projects, but when you are are ready! Think about these factors as you move ahead: Have you carved out time in your calendar? Are you feeling good physically & mentally? Have you...

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As Summer Fades to Fall

As summer fades to fall, here are a few decluttering/organizing projects to consider: Declutter your bedside table - if you haven't read it by now, you are probably not going to read it...Focus on your mudroom - begin to consider the seasonal shift - out with the...

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All Those Errands

Getting your errands done is just one more part of being organized  – taking action rather than putting off what we need to get done. Set some time aside to catch up on all of those nagging errands…you know the ones I mean… -Taking back all of the ‘returns’ – there is...

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Inventory Reduction

If you are like most people, you stockpiled supplies and back stock of items during the past year due to the pandemic.  You wanted to limit your trips to the grocery store and other big box retailers.  So, you ordered online or did shopping trips where you purchased...

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