The grey of winter has settled in…and this year it seems more grey than ever due to the pandemic. Let’s lighten the mood and get a bounce back in our step by conquering some small indoor organizing projects. Here goes…

  1. Tackle your bedside table – declutter all the books and magazines you said you would read but haven’t gotten to; put the cosmetics back in the bathroom and keep only what you must have beside you when you sleep.
  2. Conquer the medicine cabinet. Purge all those expired or unused lotions and potions. How many shampoos and hand creams do you really need?
  3. Take a peek at your spice drawer or cabinet. Keep the ones you use regularly and refresh the ones that are expired or have been in your drawer for longer than you can remember.
  4. Tidy the laundry detergent shelf. Clean up the spills, combine all the open detergents of the same brand, use some attractive holders and baskets for stray dryer sheets and other assorted items.
  5. Declutter and straighten your sock drawer. Make sure your socks all have a partner; part with those that haven’t had a mate in ages or those with holes in the toes or heels.