Why Fall is a Great Time to Get Organized!

45% of Americans believe that fall is the best season to get organized.  Here are some reasons why: The holidays are coming.  In fact, ready or not, they are right around the corner.   From Halloween to the New Year, we will be better prepared if we do some... Read more

Refresh and Renew

January is a welcome month to many as it represents a clean slate and an opportunity to start fresh. What better way to start fresh than to declutter your crowded, overflowing spaces and make them lighter and easier to maintain. Here are a few suggested projects to... Read more

Holiday Overwhelm

Holiday overwhelm comes in different forms.   A few days ago I stopped in at a local store/farmstand and immediately became overwhelmed by the displays and the sheer volume of ‘stuff.’  Trees, wreaths, ribbons, ornaments, greenery, gifts, holiday music, holiday... Read more

Getting Organized for the Holidays…Already?

It’s barely Halloween, yet thoughts turn to the upcoming holidays bearing down on us.   Let’s focus on some of the general preparation that allows us to feel ready for celebrating.   This might consist of: Preparing your guest room. Often the guest room is the space... Read more

Ah, January

January is simultaneously my least favorite month and my most favorite month of the year. It is my least favorite because of the gray, cold weather and the short days in New England. But, as an organizer, it is my most favorite because it invigorates all of us to... Read more