Pre Holiday Prep

Halloween candy in stores in August; Christmas and Hanukah items stocked on store shelves in September…retailers are clearly ready for the holidays  – how about you? Now is a great time to: 1. Inventory your supplies – whether it is serving platters for... Read more

Closet Challenge

As a young adult living in the big city, moving is stressful enough…then add to the move the fact that the new closet you are inheriting has no hanging space…that’s right, it’s narrow and only boasts a few long shelves.  How do you store your... Read more

Endless Laundry

Here is a re-post of frequently requested content ~ endless laundry! No matter how hard we try, the piles of laundry always seem to be there.   And, like the paper that we deal with every day, there is always more.  Here are a few tips for dealing with the never... Read more