Five Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching so let’s get ready… Assess – what has worked in your holiday planning and execution in the past?  Take some time to think about this before moving forward. Inventory – what items do you already have on hand?... Read more

Here Come the Holidays…Organizing Tips

First published in 2015, we hope this holiday organizing list will keep you focused on what you need to get done & leave time for the things you love to do during this holiday season. ~Take some time to think through and plan your holidays. This means sitting... Read more

Holiday Overwhelm

Holiday overwhelm comes in different forms.   A few days ago I stopped in at a local store/farmstand and immediately became overwhelmed by the displays and the sheer volume of ‘stuff.’  Trees, wreaths, ribbons, ornaments, greenery, gifts, holiday music, holiday... Read more

Getting Organized for the Holidays…Already?

It’s barely Halloween, yet thoughts turn to the upcoming holidays bearing down on us.   Let’s focus on some of the general preparation that allows us to feel ready for celebrating.   This might consist of: Preparing your guest room. Often the guest room is the space... Read more

Organizing Tips for the Holidays

~Take some time to think through and plan your holidays. This means sitting down and making some key lists of the things you need to do, and using your calendar to plan the time to do them. ~Create a gift list & budget. Creating a list of gift recipients and gift... Read more

An Organized Approach to the Holidays

If you are like most people, you have just recently finished the Thanksgiving leftovers and yet the next holiday is bearing down on us.   No matter what you celebrate, it is hard not to feel the pressure of purchasing, decorating, baking, cooking, card... Read more