8 Items Not To Store in Your Attic

A designated home for all of your belongings leads to an organized space, but it is important to consider where you are storing your things. If you have an attic, you know that it is subject to temperature fluctuations, in addition to the appearance of creatures like... Read more

Refresh and Renew

January is a welcome month to many as it represents a clean slate and an opportunity to start fresh. What better way to start fresh than to declutter your crowded, overflowing spaces and make them lighter and easier to maintain. Here are a few suggested projects to... Read more

Seize the Moment!

Bad weather.  School cancellations.  Stuck at home.  What do you do?  Get organized! Hopefully some of  you took advantage of the recent extra hours at home due to Hurricane Sandy to go thru closets, files, drawers, cabinets, and shelves.  I know I did.  My kids even... Read more