Too Much Stuff

In a 2016 survey by OfferUp entitled “Buried: The State of Stress & Stuff,” Americans across the country, as well as residents of ten major cities, admit they have more than 50 items in their homes they don’t use. The top un-used items: 1. Clothes & Shoes –... Read more

Declutter Challenge!

For the next ten days, try to part with an increasing number of items.  Day one – Donate or toss one item. Day two – Part with two items.  Day three – Part with three items…and so on.   By day ten you will have decluttered 55 items.  This is a great... Read more

Keep Up Your Decluttering Stamina!

When you take on decluttering and organizing projects, sometimes the projects become a lot bigger than you think they will be. If you have recently taken on a big hulk of a project, keep these tips in mind: It looks worse before it looks better. When we begin to pull... Read more

The Cost of Clutter

How can clutter & disorganization cost you money? Here’s how: ~When you buy something you already own. ~When you end up paying late fees because you misplaced the mail and lost the bill. ~When you buy food items that get buried in the back of the pantry and... Read more

How Do You Define Clutter?

Too much stuff in too limited a space? Too many things to do and not enough time to do them in? A crammed closet, drawer, or shelf? Here are some simple definitions from experts in the field of organizing: Joshua Fields Millburn, Minimalist…”Anything that does... Read more