Marie Kondo is the rage right now…if you haven’t heard of her, let’s just say she has become the new ‘face of getting organized’ with her gentle, yet consistent message of only keeping items that spark joy in your life and thanking the possessions that you part with.... Read more

Too Much Stuff

In a 2016 survey by OfferUp entitled “Buried: The State of Stress & Stuff,” Americans across the country, as well as residents of ten major cities, admit they have more than 50 items in their homes they don’t use. The top un-used items: 1. Clothes & Shoes –... Read more

Declutter Challenge!

For the next ten days, try to part with an increasing number of items.  Day one – Donate or toss one item. Day two – Part with two items.  Day three – Part with three items…and so on.   By day ten you will have decluttered 55 items.  This is a great... Read more