The Good Old Grocery List

How many times have you arrived at the grocery store only to realize that you forgot your list at home – or – you didn’t even make a list, you just thought you could rely on your memory?    Well, here’s some praise for the good old grocery... Read more

Organized Emailing

Is there such a thing as being organized when you email?   I never even considered this before this past week, when not once, but twice I received email messages containing celebratory praise for a group of kids, including one of my children, except both times in... Read more

Organizing Apps

In the May 2013 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, several free organizing apps were recommended.   Here is the reprinted list ~ give them a try! MAILBOX Quickly organizes email on your smartphone.  You can swipe messages to archive or trash and snooze... Read more

Password Organization

The son of a client was searching for where he had placed the password to his iTunes account.  Another client was trying to show me an image on a home decorating website and couldn’t find her password to get access.  Ugh, the dreaded passwords.  They are... Read more