Unconscious Shopping

Did you know that 90% of our spending habits are based on unconscious decisions?  This means that when we go shopping, whether in a retail store or online, our purchases are most likely not utilitarian (based on our needs) but based on our feelings – will this... Read more


Marie Kondo is the rage right now…if you haven’t heard of her, let’s just say she has become the new ‘face of getting organized’ with her gentle, yet consistent message of only keeping items that spark joy in your life and thanking the possessions that you part with.... Read more

Give it a Try – No Buy January

With all that we own and all that we received for the holidays, right now we are feeling like our spaces are pretty full. So, it’s time to think about taking on a challenge – not buying anything except essentials for the month of January.   That’s right,... Read more

A Few More Packing Tips…

Some more helpful packing tips for this season of travel ~ 1. Lay out clothes you are considering bringing on your bed – editing is easier with clothes in front of you. Consider weeding out pieces that wrinkle easily and stain prone fabrics. 2. Place entire... Read more