A Few More Packing Tips…

Some more helpful packing tips for this season of travel ~ 1. Lay out clothes you are considering bringing on your bed – editing is easier with clothes in front of you. Consider weeding out pieces that wrinkle easily and stain prone fabrics. 2. Place entire... Read more

Organizing for Tomorrow

I am always telling clients that organizing is a process and doing a little bit every day helps us to stay on top of it. Another strategy that often helps us feel more in control of our time and possessions is what I like to call ‘organizing for tomorrow.’ Here’s how... Read more

Emergency Organization

Emergency organization is on everyone’s mind these days, following the myriad of earthquakes and hurricanes.  Everyone should have some basic supplies on hand in order to prepare for and survive for at least 3 days if an emergency in  your area occurs.  Below... Read more

Organized Meal Planning

You know the routine – the schedule gets hectic and dinner is the last thing on your mind.  But inevitably meal time sneaks up on us and “What’s for dinner?” is heard loud and clear.   So, what is for dinner?    Most of us have the ingredients we need for dinner... Read more