Some more helpful packing tips for this season of travel ~

1. Lay out clothes you are considering bringing on your bed – editing is easier with clothes in front of you. Consider weeding out pieces that wrinkle easily and stain prone fabrics.

2. Place entire outfits – top, bottom, undergarments, socks all together in large re-sealable plastic storage bags and then label the contents. Another option is packing cubes that come in a wide variety of brands and sizes.

3. Wrap belts inside button down shirt collars to retain shape.

4. Always pack a few extra snacks in case of travel delays & traffic.

5. Keep a packing list on your cell phone or tablet. Have a section for each member of the family and edit as needed.

6. Create a checklist for tasks ‘to do’ before leaving and after returning. Some examples include dealing with the U.S. mail, stopping deliveries, taking out the trash, and arranging for pet and plant care.