Put a professional organizer in an Airbnb and what do you get?   Someone who wants to organize the spaces they are staying in, but needs to stay in their lane!   A recent stay at an Airbnb found this professional organizer eager to straighten up here and there, but knowing it wasn’t my place.  It’s hard to resist the impulse to rearrange things or simply tidy up areas.  Take for example, the cutlery drawer that just needed a little tweaking or the laundry room shelves that were calling my name.   But alas, it’s not my house.  Which brings me to an important fact to remember about organizing…you need to organize your space for you.  Your systems and routines need to work for you and the way you and your family live.  It can’t just be the way the professional organizer sees it, or a system that works for someone else.  It has to incorporate YOU.    By the way, I didn’t touch a thing at the Airbnb!!