Summer is finally here!  Longer days, warmer temperatures and hopefully great weather all add up to a season where we want to be active and busy.   To stay organized during the summer months think about:

  1. If you have school aged children, consider devoting some time to going thru all of their school papers and art work from the past school year.  Make decisions about retaining the best of their work and chose a container or display system for the items you wish to save.
  2. If weekends away are on the agenda, pack a bag with essentials that are ready to go.  Include chargers, all of your travel cosmetics and toiletries, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, a bathing suit, towels, snacks and re-useable water bottles.
  3. At your home, keep like items together for easy access – grilling items, gardening supplies, pool supplies, beach items, you name it…
  4. Create a holder or caddy for outdoor eating, stock it with napkins, plates, utensils, cups, and other items for meals.
  5. Create a reusable packing list.  Be sure you list each member of your family and a running list of the clothes, medicines, sports equipment, PPE and other items you will need for your journeys.