Whether we want it to end or not, somehow summer always comes to an abrupt end and we jump back into busy routines including a new school year.   Here are some tried and true tips for making the transition a smoother one:

  1. Prepare in Advance

Somehow our days are easier and less harried if we prepare for them in advance.   Whether this means making your meals ahead of time, laying out clothing, setting an alarm to allow some quiet time before a jam packed day, or packing your purse or briefcase the night before, think about incorporating these into your schedule.

  1. Enter Everything in your Calendar

Why risk forgetting the details of your day?   We all have too much information crammed into our heads! Write down/Enter everything you need to do & remember, whether it’s in your written day planner or your electronic calendar system or app. It’s worth it to have the back up to your memory.

  1. De-Clutter before you Add

Back to school season is a time for shopping and adding to the inventory of items in our homes and offices.   Before going shopping, shop your own spaces.   Check to see what supplies and items you have on hand and/or try on clothing/shoes before shopping for new ones.   Then, make clear lists of the items you need and have the lists with you when you shop in person or online.