As a young adult living in the big city, moving is stressful enough…then add to the move the fact that the new closet you are inheriting has no hanging space…that’s right, it’s narrow and only boasts a few long shelves.  How do you store your clothes, shoes and accessories?  What is the best way to organize this space?  The first step is to get rid of your preconceived notions of what a closet is supposed to look like.  And if you haven’t already, do some decluttering to reduce what you have. Define the space as your clothing closet only – no other categories like extra cosmetics, towels or bedding (keep those in some under bed storage bins, nicely labelled.) Then, build from there. Start sorting all of your clothing categories and fold everything. (rolling can work as well) Think about what pieces you need to access most often and keep those on a shelf that is easiest to access. Use the highest shelf for vertical storage items…use the interior & exterior of the door and the end walls for some hanging space for items like baseball caps, ties & belts.  Build a shoe rack for the floor for all of your shoes and Voila…you have organized an awkward and unusual closet space!