Last month we focused on refreshing your clothes closet.  There are certainly more areas that could use a spring cleaning, clearing or refresh.   Here are some ideas:

  1. Bathroom Drawers & Cabinets ~ clear out expired items and use up those last drops of shampoos, creams and soaps. Replace them only with items you need and use.
  2. Bedside Tables/Nightstands ~ be realistic about what items you really need next to you at night.  Your sleeping space should be a relaxing space, not a space filled to the brim with stuff, that keeps you from a restful sleep.
  3. Car Console ~ the center console of your car should be organized so that you can reach anything you may need when you need it.  Some interior sorters and organizers that you use in your drawers can be used in this space too.
  4. Front Hall Closet ~ Its time to do the seasonal switch – take out the gloves, mittens, hats, gloves and scarves and replace them with umbrellas, suntan lotion, picnic blankets and lighter coats and jackets.
  5. Cleaning Supplies ~ whether you store these under the sink, in a bucket, or in your basement, it’s important to check your quantities and purge what you don’t use.  Combine multiples (like the 3 spray bottles of Windex!) clean or replace sponges, rags and microfiber cloths.