Here is a re-post of frequently requested content ~ endless laundry!

No matter how hard we try, the piles of laundry always seem to be there.   And, like the paper that we deal with every day, there is always more.  Here are a few tips for dealing with the never ending cycle of laundry…

~Set up your space for constant use and have everything you need on hand.  If you can, use your vertical space by installing shelving to lift items off the floor or off of the top of your washer and drier.

~Use attractive holders or containers for the endless detergents, bleaches, stain removers & fabric softeners you use.  Store like items together.  If possible, place these containers on your laundry shelves.  If shelving isn’t an option, try a rolling cart that fits your space.

~Use baskets or bins for loads of laundry.   When your laundry makes it to your laundry space, sort it into whites, darks, brights & delicates or whatever categories work for you.   Each member of  your household should have a designated basket or holder for their clean laundry.

~Keep other household cleaners in one bucket.  So many laundry rooms are filled with household cleaners that are used in other rooms of the home, but stored in the laundry room.   Try to limit yourself to one bucket of items – sponges, dusters, cleaners, sprays, etc. and carry the bucket with you to each room as you clean/maintain the spaces.

~If possible, install and use a hanging rod and hangers.   Save energy by hanging some of  your clothes to dry rather than tossing everything in the drier.

~Have holders for all of those miscellaneous items that live in your laundry space – spare change, single socks, buttons, items you find in pockets…

~Have a trash barrel handy for all of the lint and miscellaneous trash that appears in the laundry space.

~Ask for help.   Don’t feel like  you have to do it all when others in your household are capable.