The holidays are quickly approaching so let’s get ready…

  1. Assess – what has worked in your holiday planning and execution in the past?  Take some time to think about this before moving forward.
  2. Inventory – what items do you already have on hand? Ornaments? Cards leftover from last year? Wrapping paper that you bought on sale and forgot about?  Make a list of the items you have so you don’t buy them again and store them where they are easily accessed.
  3. Budget – It’s important to budget for monetary expenses as well as time.  Use an app to track your purchases or keep a running tally in whatever form works for you.  And, set aside time each week to spend on your holiday tasks and to do’s.
  4. Self Care – Don’t forget to carve out time to exercise, eat well and sleep!
  5. Make a gift list.  Work from a pre-made list when you go out or online shopping.  List the names of the people you have to buy for and how much you can spend.  Then, as gifts are purchased, wrap and label the gift and check the person off your list.