I am constantly approached by Mom’s looking for better ways to stay organized, and, for ways to get their families on board with helping to organize.  I know sometimes for Moms it feels like no one else in the house cares…There are no magic solutions, but in honor of Mothers’ Day, here are a few tips:

  1. Communicate – Does your family know where items should be stored?  Do you have a defined home for your possessions?Have you shared ideas for organizing items that everyone uses and needs to access?   Do your family members know how frustrated you are trying to keep everything in order? Try spending just a bit of time discussing it so at least you can strive for some collective input and suggestions.
  2. Delegate – Members of your family share the same spaces you do.   Perhaps there are some tasks that you can ask others to do.  Can a family member be in charge of putting away clean laundry?  Emptying the dishwasher? Tidying the mudroom? A five or ten minute tidy at the end of each day helps to keep the clutter from accumulating, so see if you can get others on board with specific tasks.
  3. Reduce – Decluttering is the best way to start if you want to create simpler routines and systems.   Make the decisions to part with the excess whether it is clothing and shoes, snacks, cosmetics, sports equipment, kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, or paper of different varieties…
  4. Simplify –  Sometimes our systems are just too complex and time consuming.   Think about how you do things and if you can make life simpler for yourself.  For example, trying to color code all of your files may look great, but it may just be a burden when it comes to the actual filing.

When we live with others we live with a mix of organizing styles – trying to balance everyone’s needs and preferences can be tricky but with some up front investment in time and talking, it can work successfully.    Remember, organizing is a process, not a one time event.   And, Happy Mothers Day!