Here Come the Holidays…Organizing Tips

Nov 13, 2017 | Holidays

First published in 2015, we hope this holiday organizing list will keep you focused on what you need to get done & leave time for the things you love to do during this holiday season.

~Take some time to think through and plan your holidays. This means sitting down and making some key lists for things you need to do as well as using your calendar to plan the time to do them.

~Create a gift list & budget. Creating a list of gift recipients and gift ideas can help you stay organized and avoid the last minute rush. Pick a date to work on your list and include a budget for planning and spending purposes.

~Delegate – Ask family members to help or hire a local teenager to do some simple tasks such as wrapping or addressing envelopes.

~Just say no. Decide what you are not going to do. Reflect on what has made your holidays meaningful in the past and be sure to include these.

~Inventory the holiday supplies you already have on hand – cards, ribbon, wrapping paper, decorations. Be sure to know what you have before shopping for more.

~Make extra meals now. When you are cooking dinner, think about making extra and freezing it for when the holiday rush begins.

~Use gift bags instead of wrapping each item. Or, take advantage of store wrapping services.

~Simplify your decorations. Don’t feel as if every nook in your home has to be festively decorated. Remember, less is more.

~If you still want to wrap your gifts, designate one space in your home as your gift wrap area. Keep all of your needed supplies on hand ~ scissors, tape, wrapping paper, ribbon, gift tags, bows, and boxes.

~Keep all of your purchased gifts in one location. Use a large clear plastic bin to hold them in one place until you are ready to wrap them.

Happy Holidays!
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