The Halloween candy barely got eaten and the stores started their Black Friday ads. Amazon vans are racing thru our streets and yes, holiday music is in the air. The holiday scramble has indeed begun and everyone is wound a little more tightly than usual as this part time job of holiday preparedness gets added to our already full days. How to face the challenge in a slightly more organized way?

  1. Inventory – what items do you already have for the holidays? Take inventory before you purchase more.
  2. Ask for help – try not to feel as if you have to do it all alone. Hire a babysitter, ask a partner, have the stores do the wrapping.
  3. Communicate – talk to extended family members about how you can all simplify the holidays.
  4. Simplify – do you really have to decorate the whole house?
  5. Consider no clutter gifts – experiences that you can give people – a massage, manicure or pedicure. Movie passes, tickets to a play, a dog walking service, professional organizer or personal trainer. The ideas are endless. Happy Holidays!