Get ready for your summer travels using some keys to staying organized…

-Lists of all the cosmetics and prescription meds you need
-Lists of all the clothing and accessories you plan to pack
-To do lists of things that need to be done before leaving and after returning
-Lists for any house or pet sitters, babysitters, lawn care etc.
Shopping  (this should also mean shopping your own supply!)
-Shop for any clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and miscellaneous items well in advance
-Purchase cosmetics in small sizes and/or use empty containers and fill them from larger bottles
-Fill your prescriptions and be sure to pack more than enough for your trip
Trial Runs
-Lay out various outfits and accessories well in advance
-Try packing everything in the bag or suitcase you plan to use to see what might not fit  or, if you are traveling by car, pack the car 
-If you are traveling by plane, place all of your cosmetics in a clear, quart size bag to be sure you don’t have to eliminate items
-Make sure you have all of your trip information in one secure place – on an app, a folder, printed out – however you plan to access it