Packing for trips, overnights, weekends away…why do we hate to pack, but never complain about living out of a suitcase while on vacation?   Living out of a suitcase gives us fewer options.  We just make it work with what we have on hand, since, well, what we have on hand is what we have to choose from.   We can’t be tempted to go back in the closet to try a different pair of jeans, another style of sweater, or a different scarf.   Whether it seems like it or not, packing for a trip is a form of organizing as it involves decision making.   Deciding on our luggage, our clothing, our accessories, our cosmetics, our shoes, and anything else we need for our destination..which can be overwhelming coupled with everything else we have on our to do lists.    We are making decisions that are weather-related (warm or cold destination or somewhere in between?)  event-related (what events will I be attending and are they formal? informal?)  space-related (how much space is left in my suitcase?  Is it getting too heavy?)  time-related (how many of each garment do I need for the number of days I am gone?)   No wonder we need a vacation.    Yet, when you arrive at your destination you are rewarded with the benefits – you wear and use what you brought because you have no other choice.   You have fewer choices which = a nice vacation from our daily decision overload.    Enjoy it!