Marie Kondo is the rage right now…if you haven’t heard of her, let’s just say she has become the new ‘face of getting organized’ with her gentle, yet consistent message of only keeping items that spark joy in your life and thanking the possessions that you part with.   That, accompanied by her special folding method for clothing, has been featured as part of a new Netflix series, based on her two best selling books, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up & Spark Joy.    Clients and workshop attendees keep asking me what I think of her methods, so here goes…honestly, I believe that any movement, theory, practice, or focus on decluttering and getting organized is a positive.  Different methods resonate with different people, as we all have our own special style of doing things and therefore having a variety of practices to choose from can only be good thing.  If her style resonates with you, that’s great, use it as motivation to set your goals and objectives and get to work.  If it doesn’t resonate with you, or, if you’ve tried it and it doesn’t seem quite right, that’s fine too.  There is no universal, one size fits all method to decluttering and getting organized, only what works for you and the way you live and work.  Follow the path that feels right for you and your family.  Your methods are more likely to ‘stick’ if the process flows comfortably for you and you do it on your terms, within your timeframe, in a style that feels right to you.