I always tell my clients that no one is perfect.  A close friend of mine who is very organized recently shared her ‘achilles heel’ with me.   This is someone whose life, home, and office are full of systems and processes that keep her organized.  But she has always been challenged when packing for a trip.   She uses a packing list to get prepared, but she always brings too much – too many shoes, clothes, cosmetics – you name it.  Normally her family laughs as they know the routine – she always has the heaviest, bulging suitcase.   But on a recent trip, when boarding a plane, the gate agent stopped her to size her carry on suitcase and it didn’t make the cut.  Too much was stuffed in the front pockets and it had to be checked.  Not a big deal, but an inconvenience nevertheless.   And, it did make her stop and think, as her challenge really is a form of deferred decision making – much like accumulating clutter and not deciding what stays and what goes. So, she has vowed to work on her challenge and ask herself some key questions as she packs -Do I love it?  Do I need it?  Does it have to come with me?  Is there something else I am taking that can fill the same need?  I reminded her that organizing is a process, not a one time event, so it may take some time…or a new suitcase!