Happy New Year! So many of you tell me you want to start fresh for the new year and decluttering and organizing are on the top of you lists.
Here are a few tips to get started and stay on track.
1. Have a goal – what area(s)/spaces/categories are making you feel stressed out? what areas/spaces/categories are you looking forward to working on?
2. Have a plan – write it down – commit your plan to paper so you can revisit it.  Perhaps even post it somewhere that keeps you accountable.
3. Start small – one shelf, one drawer, one type of clothing in your closet.  You will start making good decisions about what to purge or what to keep and then build on your success.
4. Stick to it – stay focused on the goal and don’t move on to the next project until you have completed the one you are working on.
Decluttering/reducing your possessions feels great – get inspired to take on this fresh start to the new year.