Is there such a thing as being organized when you email?   I never even considered this before this past week, when not once, but twice I received email messages containing celebratory praise for a group of kids, including one of my children, except both times in separate instances, my child’s name had been mistakenly left off the lists.   The folks that drafted and sent the messages were, like most people these days, harried and hurried, with too much on their plates and they never took the time to re-read, let alone proof read, what they wrote.   In both instances the senders ‘passed the buck’ by blaming the person who gave them the original list.   Enough said.   There IS such a thing as organized emailing.   Taking the time to think about what you are writing and sending is the same as thinking about and making decisions about the items in your life that you want to retain versus the items you can give up.    Having a buddy or organizer helping you is like having a proof reader for your writing.    It’s all about taking the time to engage in a process that makes the outcome stronger.

So, next time you are rushing to push the ‘Send’ button, stop and think.    Re-read what you wrote and ask someone to proof the content, especially if what is included can have an impact on others.    It is much simpler to proof it and send it once than to scramble and send multiple follow up emails, creating that all too famous in box ‘clutter.’