Spring has arrived and with it the hectic schedules for all of us to balance.  Being organized can help to alleviate the ‘what’s for dinner?’ syndrome, as well as keep all of us eating healthier.  Here are a few tips which we have shared before for staying organized and planning ahead for meal times:

  1. Organize your pantry.  An organized pantry allows you to know what you have on hand and to easily see what is there.
  2. Track your family’s favorite meals.  Paying attention to favorites helps you to keep those meals in the planning process.
  3. Create a weekly meal schedule to provide you with a guideline and a plan.
  4. Use a list every time you go to the grocery store or order online.  If you can, create a standard list and just check off what you need.
  5. Get input from others – whether it’s your own family, friends, neighbors – ask others to learn what tricks and tips they use for shopping, and making healthy meals on an ongoing basis.