In this uncertain and unsettling time having things organized can feel good to us.  It allows us to feel more in control of our possessions and surroundings, as the world spins wildly around us.  Here are a few suggestions of areas where you can focus: 

-Start to get organized for tax season.  Now is a great time to pull all of this paperwork together. Create a designated folder (paper or electronic) for all the papers and forms you need and have received in the mail or online. The IRS has extended the filing deadline to July 15th, but don’t put this off if you have the time to do it now.

-Sort through books, magazines, and other reading material.  Be realistic about what you will actually read.  Re-read your favorites and let go of the others.  Another strategy is to make an at home reading basket for each family member and set aside some quiet time each day you are at home for all family members to catch up on their reading.  Be sure to recycle or donate what you have finished with or are ready to pass on.

Finish some unfinished projects – craft projects, fix it projects, and anything else you have put aside or only completed half way.  

-Sort through recipes and determine a usable system for organizing and referring to those recipes you want to keep and actually make!  Be realistic in terms of cookbooks that you use and need to retain. So many recipes are on line that retaining only your favorite cookbooks or family heirloom recipes is a good plan.

-Make a priority list of the home improvement projects you want to tackle in the spring.

-Tackle your sock drawer. Most of us have more socks than we wear or need. 

-Take a peek at your linen closet or linen storage areas.  What sheets, towels, blankets and pillows can you donate?  What items are stored in this space that have nothing to do with linens?  Place those items where they belong or donate them to keep the space streamlined.  

-If you have kids at home, now is a good time to sort thru school papers and art work.  As these are uncertain times, only tackle this project if you feel your kids are up to it.

Overall, having a designated area where you place items that you plan to donate or discard is key.  Most donation locations are temporarily closed, so be sure to put a reminder in your calendar to take these items or schedule a pick up when things settle down.

-Most importantly, stay safe and healthy.