In the May 2013 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, several free organizing apps were recommended.   Here is the reprinted list ~ give them a try!


Quickly organizes email on your smartphone.  You can swipe messages to archive or trash and snooze emails until later with the tap of a button.   Free ~ mailbox


Syncs calendars and prioritizes your tasks so you can become your personal time coach.  Free.


Lets you take a picture of a paper phone list (soccer team/classmates) and creates a contact list on your phone.  Free.


Organizes, manages, and edits your ever growing book of contacts.   This app consolidates them all into a single location.  Free.


Lets you save online content from your laptop, tablet or smartphone and view it later – sans Internet.  Free.  get


Unsubscribes from email lists with one click.   Get a digest of subscriptions to keep with a ‘rollup’ of your newsletters.  Works with Gmail and Yahoo.  Free.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens, May 2013