The son of a client was searching for where he had placed the password to his iTunes account.  Another client was trying to show me an image on a home decorating website and couldn’t find her password to get access.  Ugh, the dreaded passwords.  They are everywhere – we need them for access to online accounts, websites, even our own garages!  So, how do you organize your passwords so you don’t leave them open to theft, but still have them accessible when you need them?   I asked a few of my clients and observed some systems of friends and neighbors.  Here are a few suggestions:

1. Repurpose an address book or journal.

2. Place them in your rolodex.

3. An iphone app like SplashID.

4. A computer based system like Norton’s Identity Safe for PCs and Macs (of course it needs a password to access!)

5.  Use a 3×5 index card file box – but don’t label it ‘Passwords.’

6. Use a password protected Word or Excel file (with yet another password to access it!)

7. A spiral notebook.

8. A list of passwords all written backwards!

Like a calendar, you have to choose the one that is right for you and the way you like to store and access information.   And, like any organizing system, it needs to be maintained.