Halloween candy in stores in August; Christmas and Hanukah items stocked on store shelves in September…retailers are clearly ready for the holidays  – how about you?
Now is a great time to:
1. Inventory your supplies – whether it is serving platters for hosting, gift bags or gift wrap  – take stock of what you have and start making lists of what you need.
2. Inventory your clothing – whether it is an office party or a neighbors’ holiday open house, you’ll want to know what you have and how it fits.
3. Gifts – have you been buying things all year in anticipation of the holiday giving season – gather everything in one place so you don’t forget about them.
4.  Go thru your pantry.  As we get closer to Thanksgiving and the baking season, check your pantry for the items you need on hand – baking supplies, spices, etc.
5. Start making your lists.  Whether the lists are for traveling, hosting, buying, cooking, or baking – having everything written down can help when the overwhelm of the season begins…