Decanting is a word used to describe the practice of removing foods from their original (often disposable) packaging and placing them into other holders, often clear containers.

Buying a large bag of sugar and pouring it into a glass canister is decanting.  So is placing individually wrapped granola bars in a basket, or transferring the contents of a box of cheerios into a clear holder.  Pasta, rice, and beans are great candidates for decanting because they are long-lasting in air tight containers. The same goes for baking items such as flour and sugar.  Decanting food items eliminates a lot of the visual and physical clutter in your cabinets, drawers & shelves, and, if you are willing to do it, it often makes our food items look and display better.  You can also benefit by seeing what you have & knowing when you are about to run out. If you need some visual inspiration, Instagram and Pinterest are full of images of pantries with decanted items and clear containers!

Sometimes decanting can be timely and tedious, and it is not for everyone. Give it a try and see if it feels right for you.