Organizing is a process.  And, that process often involves tweaking the areas we have already organized.  As we head into spring and the time of rebirth and refresh, why not give some of  your spaces that refresh they need?   A great example of an organizing refresh is working on your clothes closet.   One category at a time, take out your items – for example, take out all of your t-shirts.  Then, refold them neatly and place them in a designated spot in your closet where you can see them and easily access them.  Move on to other categories, taking like items out, giving them a glance in case it is time for them to go, and then re-folding, re-stacking, re-hanging, re-rolling or whatever method you use to store them.  When you are done your space will be neat and organized and your clothes easy to find when you are looking for them…Not to mention how good it will feel to face that organized space each morning as you get dressed!