How many times have you arrived at the grocery store only to realize that you forgot your list at home – or – you didn’t even make a list, you just thought you could rely on your memory?    Well, here’s some praise for the good old grocery list.   For some clients, I recommend a running list that they keep on their computer with a few hard copies printed and left accessible in their kitchens.   They check off the items they need as they run out and they either take a photo of the list to keep on their smartphone, or, they take the hard copy of the list with them to the store.   For others, an app is a great option – here are a few I have heard about…Grocery IQ; Green Grocer; Shopping List; Out of Milk and/or Grocery List.   Like any app, you will need to think about your specific needs and likes before you choose one that works for you.   You might need to experiment a bit before you land on the right one for your organizing style.   No matter what, grocery shopping is always more organized and efficient with some type of list in hand.