Finally it feels like summer!   Try these 3 tips to stay organized…

1. Create a winter storage area.   Find a space in your home to store all of your winter gear, getting it out of the active areas of your home.   Make sure the items are in good working condition before you store them.   Keep shovels, scrapers, sleds, skis and ski accessories, rock salt tubs and other winter essentials in one area.   Find another area for winter coats, gloves, hats, mittens, scarves, neck warmers & boots.   Be sure all of the clothing items are clean and still fit.  If storing items in bins or tubs, be sure the bins are clear and easy to see into or clearly labelled by contents.

2. Put together a ‘grab & go’ tote.    Keep a canvas bag or other carrier stocked with all of the items you need for summer outings.   Sun lotion, bug spray, picnic blankets, towels, flip flops, water bottles, snacks, sun hats…whatever will save you time when running out the door.

3. Try an Outdoor Eating Caddy.   Many of us like to use a deck, porch, patio or just a grassy area to eat outdoors this time of the year.   A simple caddy – a basket or utensil holder can help keep essentials together for ease of use – napkins, cutlery, salt & pepper shakers, hand wipes ~ whatever basic supplies you would be carrying in and out of your house for your meals.