Did you know that 90% of our spending habits are based on unconscious decisions?  This means that when we go shopping, whether in a retail store or online, our purchases are most likely not utilitarian (based on our needs) but based on our feelings – will this purchase make me feel thin? happy? beautiful? will it help me keep up with the neighbors? is the item attractive? do I like the packaging?  As we all know, marketing to our feelings is big business, as retailers target our thoughts of self worth, acceptance, and status.  It is the world we live in and it isn’t going to change any time soon.  But, we can be more thoughtful and organized in our approach to shopping:
1. Before you shop, inventory the items you have on hand.

2. Keep a running list of the items you need so you can refer to it when shopping.

3. When shopping, ask your self a few key questions before you hit the ‘place order’ button or turn over  your credit or debit card – Do I love this? Do I need this?  Do I currently own anything similar? Could I rent or borrow this instead of buying it? How will I feel if I don’t purchase this?

Remember, good purchasing decisions ultimately lead to less clutter in our spaces & our lives.