A Quote to Consider

"It is easier to keep up than to catch up." I heard this quote the other day and it reminded me that it is a perfect metaphor for getting and staying organized. Doing a little bit each day helps us to stay on top of our 'to do' lists and doesn't make the process of...

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An Organized Summer

Longer days, warmer temperatures and hopefully great weather all add up to a season where we want to be active and busy.   To stay organized during the summer months think about: If you have school aged children, consider devoting some time to going thru all of their...

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Unconscious Shopping

Did you know that 90% of our spending habits are based on unconscious decisions?  This means that when we go shopping, whether in a retail store or online, our purchases are most likely not utilitarian (based on our needs) but based on our feelings - will this...

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Five Tips for Decluttering

Have the right supplies on hand before you begin - boxes, bins, sticky notes and sharpies for labelling categories & trash bags.Create a staging area. Consider using a folding table to sort the items you are going thru. Look at each item or each group of items in this...

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