Organize & Compromise

As an organizer, people ALWAYS ask me if my house is organized.   Yes, it is.   But, like many of you, I live with family, which means my standards and systems can be different from theirs.   Very different.  For example, I make a meal, the kitchen gets cleaned up and... Read more

Tips for an Organized Summer

Finally it feels like summer!   Try these 3 tips to stay organized… 1. Create a winter storage area.   Find a space in your home to store all of your winter gear, getting it out of the active areas of your home.   Make sure the items are in good working... Read more

Non Clutter Gifts

It is always worthwhile to take some time to think about the gifts you will be giving before you go online or take a trip to the mall.   Planning ahead can help you avoid overspending, as well as avoid experiencing the doubt that comes with purchasing items we are not... Read more

Off to Camp

I packed up one of my children for overnight camp recently and learned some things I thought I would share: -Always include your child in the process.  Everyone organizes differently and the systems you set up may not work for  your child.  Ask them specific questions... Read more