Getting Organized for the Holidays…Already?

It’s barely Halloween, yet thoughts turn to the upcoming holidays bearing down on us.   Let’s focus on some of the general preparation that allows us to feel ready for celebrating.   This might consist of: Preparing your guest room. Often the guest room is the space... Read more

Organizing Tips for the Holidays

~Take some time to think through and plan your holidays. This means sitting down and making some key lists of the things you need to do, and using your calendar to plan the time to do them. ~Create a gift list & budget. Creating a list of gift recipients and gift... Read more

An Organized Approach to the Holidays

If you are like most people, you have just recently finished the Thanksgiving leftovers and yet the next holiday is bearing down on us.   No matter what you celebrate, it is hard not to feel the pressure of purchasing, decorating, baking, cooking, card... Read more

Non Clutter Gifts

It is always worthwhile to take some time to think about the gifts you will be giving before you go online or take a trip to the mall.   Planning ahead can help you avoid overspending, as well as avoid experiencing the doubt that comes with purchasing items we are not... Read more

It’s Time to Put the Holidays Behind Us

STOP  – Before you put your holiday decorations, cards, and gifts away: 1.  Take a good look at your holiday decorations.   If  you did not use all of your decorations, consider donating the items you left in the attic, and, if any items are broken or need... Read more

Here Come the Holidays!

The season from Halloween past the new year is filled with festive things to do and places to go.  Whether you are entertaining, traveling or shopping, try to stay ahead of the game by implementing organizational strategies that will streamline your processes and... Read more